AL18 horizontal drum cutter

Product Series:Drum Cutter

Release date:2023-11-03

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The milling machine produced by Ningbo Yinzhou Tysang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

1) It is good for protecting the environment during operation, and has excellent characteristics such as low noise and low vibration.

2) It can quickly and accurately trim the contour of the structure, and the construction is safe and efficient.

3) High safety performance, using a milling machine instead of manual tunneling of soft rock or broken rock, avoiding the risk of pure manual excavation.

4) It can be installed on any existing hydraulic excavator, and it is easy to install and can effectively replace the tools such as buckets and breakers.

It is mainly used for geological excavation of rock formations and frozen soil layers with medium and low hardness, such as reinforced concrete, gypsum mine, coal rock, weathered rock and frozen soil.


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